l' association en bref




  Founded in 2008, the association "Les Ballons Rouges" is an association of international solidarity admitted as a general interest association. It steps in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest country in the world. It has been created by a group of 6 women fully aware of the difficulties met daily by the families to insure the meals, the education and the health of their children.

  The members of the association are gathering around two values : solidarity and responsibility, to enable families to gain access to an economic self-sufficiency.


     In 2012, the association was enabled to act in Burkina Faso. It was the birthtime of the MoringaWays project : creating a sustainable project to help the development of Zam, a Burkina's town.


        This project has two goals :


 - The first one is to fight against malnutrition thanks to the Moringa's planting into Zam. This plant is said with "a thousand vertues". She has an important quantity of proteins, and most of all, every amino acids essentials to the human being.


 - The second objective is more global : it's about creating a real socio-economic pole into the village. The Moringa selling's benefit enabled the building of an alphabetisation center, an informatic center, both of them helping reducing inequalities between men and women. We are also seeking a true energical autonomy : we funded a pit's building and implemented solar pannels to insure the electricity demand.


        En 2014, Monique Douillon, présidente des Ballons Rouges, a contacté le Bureau de l'Humanitaire, une association de la Toulouse Business School, afin de rejoindre son projet. Elle a raconté son histoire avec le Burkina Faso, la misère qu’elle a pu constater et les solutions qu’elle pensait mettre en œuvre dans le village de Zam. Son projet a totalement convaincu les étudiants de l'école, et depuis les deux association travaillent en partenariat pour développer le projet.


        L’équipe qui s’occupe du projet au bureau de l'humanitaire est composée de 10 étudiants, tous âgés de 20 à 22 ans. Ces jeunes ont à cœur de promouvoir un système social et solidaire, afin de montrer qu’il existe des alternatives possibles à notre fonctionnement actuel.